How to Get a Brazil Student Visa at the Hartford Consulate

Brazil Student Visa Hartford Consulate

Brazil Student Visa Hartford Consulate

The Hartford Consulate serves the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

This visa is for students at the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate or technical level, including religious courses, offered by academic institutions recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC).

Maximum duration of the VITEM-IV visa is one year although you will likely be issued a visa that will cover just the duration of the course.

Go to my Brazil student visa page for more information on how to get a Brazil student visa if you are applying at a different consulate or embassy.

Enroll in a School in Brazil
Get Your Formal Document of Acceptance to the School in Brazil You Will Attend

Once you enroll, you will either receive on the Brazilian institution’s letterhead a Declaração de Pagamento (an official document from the institution recognizing that you paid for the course) or a Declaração de Matricula (an official document recognizing that you have entered the course).

  • Either ask the institution to get this notarized by a Notary Public in Brazil (i.e. “Cartorio” in Portuguese) or ask them to direct you to a Notary Public in Brazil to get it notarized.
  • When I got this done, I got a little slip of paper from the Brazilian school I was attending that directed me to their Notary Public.
  • I took my Declaração de Pagamento to a Cartorio in Rio De Janeiro, paid a few Brazilian Reais, and got the signature on the Declaração de Pagamento notarized in 5 minutes.
Gather the Required Materials
  • Go to this site and make sure you have all of the required materials.
Visa Fee

Check to see that you have gotten a USPS (United States Postal Service) money order in the correct amount.

  • Money order instructions are here.
Submit Your Materials
  • Submit your materials to the Hartford Consulate
  • If you wish to send your application by mail, you must be a resident of Connecticut or Rhode Island. In addition, your signature on the application and all copies of documents must be notarized.
  • The address to the Hartford Consulate is “Consulate General of Brazil in Hartford One Constitution Plaza, ground floor (at the corner of Market and State St.)”
  • You can also make an appointment to apply in person.
  • Track the status of your application here.
  • The Brazilian Consulate will give to you your brand new Brazilian Visa.
  • Validity of the Student Visa for Brazil – Vitem IV:
  • Visas are valid for arrival in Brazil within 90 days from the date of issuance.
  • Maximum duration of the VITEM-IV visa is one year although you will likely be issued a visa that will cover just the duration of the course.
  • If your planned stay exceeds 90 days, go to the Federal Police to register within 30 days of your first arrival in Brazil.
  • This visa is good for multiple entries.
Vaccination Requirements
  • Check vaccination requirements here at the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
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