How to Get a Business Visa for Lebanon

Lebanon Business Visa

Lebanon Business Visa

If you’ve got a business trip for Lebanon planned in the future, you might need to get a Business visa for Lebanon.

Go to my Lebanon visa page for information on other types of visas for Lebanon.

I’ll break down for you below how to get the Lebanon Business Visa.

Visa required for U.S. citizens before you go to Lebanon: No. U.S. citizens coming to Lebanon for tourism can purchase a short-term one-month visa at the land border with Syria, the port of Beirut, or Beirut International airport.

Official U.S. government travelers need to arrange for a visa in advance of their travel.

Visa required for non-U.S. citizens before you go to Lebanon: Citizens of countries on this list can get a visa on arrival if coming to Lebanon for tourism.

  • Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Qatar – Oman) coming to Jordan on tourism have special rules that exempt them from visa requirements. Click here for the details.
  • Citizens of non-Gulf Arab countries (Egypt – Sudan – South Sudan – Tunisia – Morocco – Algeria – Libya – Yemen – Somalia – Djibouti – Mauritania – Comoros Islands) can get a visa on arrival for one month if coming for tourism.
Find your closest consulate
  • If you’re inside the U.S.: Lebanon has one Embassy and three Consulates General in the United States, each consulate covers a specific jurisdiction. Click here to find your consulate.
  • If you’re outside of the U.S.: Click here.
Gather documentation

The list of required documents will most likely be on the website of the consulate or embassy you found in Step 1.

For example, if you are applying in Washington D.C., the list of required documents will be something like what is listed here at the Embassy of Lebanon website.

Visa fee
  • The processing fee will be posted on the site of the embassy or consulate you found in Step 1. For example, if you are applying at the Embassy of Lebanon in Washington D.C., the fee is listed here and would be payable visa a money order (most people go to the nearest United States Postal Service Office to get this).
  • Good practice is to call up the embassy or consulate you found in Step 1 to confirm the fee amounts as they are always subject to change.
Submit materials
  • Submit your required materials from Step 2 and visa fee from Step 3 to the embassy or consulate you found in Step 1.
  • Each consulate or embassy will have different submission rules.
Receive your visa

Congratulations!  The Embassy or Consulate of Lebanon will give to you your brand new Lebanon visa.

Vaccination information

Don’t get sick!  Check vaccination requirements here.

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