How to Get a Work Visa for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Work Visa

Kazakhstan Work Visa

Got a job in Kazakhstan and headed there for work? You will need to get the Work Visa for Kazakhstan. A lot of people call this visa the Work visa (ЖЕВ).

As stated here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, the work visa is issued to foreign nationals who fit into the following groups:

  1. Foreign nationals traveling to the Republic of Kazakhstan to work – on the basis of Ministry of Foreign Affair visa support, proper work permit and a letter of the inviting legal entity registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Foreign nationals traveling to Kazakhstan to work, without permission for foreign labor in accordance with Kazakhstan legislation or international agreements (to which the Republic of Kazakhstan is a part) – based on a letter of the inviting legal entity registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  3. Non-working family members dependent on individuals listed in subparagraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph, (with indication in the visa as “no right to work”) – upon a letter of a legal entity registered with judicial authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and upon submission of documents confirming relationship to individuals referred to in subparagraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph as well as copies of the work category visas (ЖЕВ) issued to individuals referred to in subparagraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph.

Work visas are issued for single, double, triple and multiple entries.

Go to my Kazakhstan visa page for information on the different types of visas for Kazakhstan.

I’ll break everything down for you below about how to go about how to get the Work Visa for Kazakhstan.

Find your closest consulate

If you’re inside the U.S., you have to choose where to apply for your visa depending on what State you live in. Some people will apply in Washington D.C. and others will apply in New York. Check the links below to see where you need to apply.

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1401 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in New York
305 E 47 Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10017

If you’re outside of the U.S.: Click here. 

Gather documentation

You are going to need to check the website of the Consulate or Embassy you found in Step 1 to find the list of required documents for this visa.

A sample list of required documents for this visa can be found at this page at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Every visa will require the paperwork below PLUS the additional paperwork listed on your Embassy or Consulate website.

Visa fee

Fees can be found on your Consulate or Embassy website.

Submit materials

Submit your required materials from Step 2 to the Embassy or Consulate you found in Step 1.

Receive your visa
  • Congratulations! You will sooner than later get your Kazakhstan visa.
  • The normal processing time for a visa request is 2-5 days.
  • All foreign citizens must register at the local Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan or at the hotel within 72 hours upon arrival to Kazakhstan. Otherwise you will be fined by the Immigration Service on departure.
Vaccination information

Don’t get sick!  Check vaccination requirements here.

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