Poland Visa

Poland Visa

Poland Visa


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  1. General Information and Eligibility
  2. Poland Airport Transit Visa Requirements (A-type; Contact your embassy or consulate directly)
  3. Poland Schengen Visa Requirements (C-type)
  4. Poland National Visa Requirements (D-type)
  5. Poland Temporary Residence Permit Requirements
  6. Poland Permanent Residence Permit Requirements
  7. Poland Work Permit Requirements

Visa Hunter’s Miscellaneous Tips for Poland Visas

  • Poland, like a lot of the countries in the Schengen Region, has a very organized list of visa requirements.
  • If you have a lot of time or just want some bathroom reading on all the different types of visas and permits for Poland, check out this document provided by the Małopolska Provisional Office website (Małopolska is the name of one of Poland’s 16 administrative provinces).

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