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***Updated May 2024***

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was the most favored city by the web’s best travel bloggers.

Below you will read travel tips from the best travel bloggers on the web….bloggers whose posts I read on a daily basis. And while many members of this group have low Alexa scores (high traffic), high Klout scores, and high Google page ranks, not all have attained these metrics.  Some of the bloggers in the group below are under the radar screen (most likely I found them commenting on one of the bigger blogs), but they create blog posts and generate insights that have made me into a better blogger and a more well informed traveler.

One of the bloggers below is a New York Times bestselling author (Chris Guillebeau) and wrote a book called The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future that helped inspire me to launch this website.  And while I wasn’t successful in keeping my budget for launching below $100, the insights on how to find something that is missing in the world (lack of free, centralized easy do-it-yourself steps on how to get any type of visa for any country in the world..I’m too cheap to use visa agencies) and then figure out the steps how to make it happen, were invaluable to the creation of this website.

Out of curiosity,  I asked these bloggers (some of whom have been to 50+ and 100+ countries) to tell me, what is their favorite city in the world…and why?  Without a doubt, choosing a favorite country or city is a difficult task when you have been to so many places around the world.  However, for most, there are often those one or two cities that can stick out from the rest.  The winner for the most liked city in the world?  Bangkok, Thailand.

See the interesting responses and feedback I received below.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • “Buenos Aires, Argentina is a vibrant city that I called home several months, and there is still more I want to go back to see and do.  With its impressive architecture, rich culture and history, passionate people, diverse and accessible art scene, and incredible steak and wine, the city keeps drawing me back.” – Stephanie of The Travel Chica


  • “Sydney, Australia is one of the greatest cities on the planet. I miss living there! You’ve got a metropolitan city with access to several beaches on one side and mountains on the other. It’s a huge expat and backpacking destination with lots to do and relaxed, chilled out people to meet” – Amar of Gap Year Escape


  • “Paro, Bhutan: I love Paro, it’s the first place you see when you land the plane through the midst of the Himalayas. Then when you get to explore it’s full of character, the people are charming and the landscape is insane. And of course, just a few kms away is Bhutan’s most famous site, the Tiger’s Nest, which should make Paro a must visit for every traveller in the world!” – Johnny Ward of OneStep4Ward


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • “I really like Rio De Janeiro, Brazil because no city in the world has such amazing beauty.  The stunning contrast between the pristine white sandy beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana and the lush, green mountains that roll into the crystal clear blue sea is truly one-of-a-kind.” – Addison Sears-Collins of Visa Hunter



Toronto, Canada Skyline at Night

Toronto, Canada Skyline at Night

  • “Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in the world because it really has it all. It’s located on Canada’s wonderful west coast where the mountains meet the ocean. As a result it’s one of the few places on this planet you can ski, snowboard, kayak and mountain bike in the same day. It’s also very heavily influenced by Asia and as a result has food to die for and inspiring architecture.” Rob of Stop Having a Boring Life


  • “I love Medellin, Colombia because there is no city that is as near to perfection as Medellin is. There is no perfect city or country for that matter but Medellin is as close as it gets.  There is beautiful weather year round, great food, amazing things to see, and the people of the city are as open, kind, genuine, and willing to help as any place around the world.” – Marcello of Wandering Trader


Dominican Republic

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Surfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

  • “We fell in love with Cabarete in the Dominican Republic when we visited over Christmas a couple of years ago. Cabarete has everything we need; crystal-clear water, fun waves, delicious food and nightlife. Our favorite spot to spend our time happened to be our hotel, Ali’s Surf Camp, where we got to know and shared meals with interesting people from all over the world.” – Christy of Ordinary Traveler



  • “Cuenca, Ecuador has been our home for the last three years. As a Canadian expat family, we love the culture and kindness of Ecuadorians. Some of the things we love in Cuenca are the acceptance of (and patience with) foreigners, the clarity of spoken Spanish, importance of family and the year-round spring like climate.” – Bryan and Dena Haines of Gringos Abroad



  • “Avignon, France — I recently visited Avignon in the south of France, and fell in love with its medieval charms. The historic city center is surrounded by tall stone ramparts (walls), and a university draws students from around the country. Avignon is also the perfect base from which to explore the rest of Provence.” – David Lee of Go Backpacking.



Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

  • “My favorite city is Munich in Germany.  It’s a great place to live and I love the architecture and outdoorsy vibe of the city.  There are lots of bike paths and the English Garden is a great place to unwind in the heart of the city.  Not to mention the 200+ beer gardens and the proximity to the mountains.  It has everything I could ever want for in a city.” – Laurel of Monkeys and Mountains
  • “Berlin is one of my favorite cities in not just Europe, but probably most of the world. With all the trendy hipsters and unique things to do, there’s really no limit to what can be done in Germany’s capital city.” – Adam of Travels of Adam


  • “I love all of Ghana (especially the people, the food, and the custom-made dresses!), but the hill-top town of Aburi is particularly interesting. Aburi boasts an amazing stretch of wood-carving stalls, a stunning botanical garden, and a cooler climate because of the elevation.” – Lillie of Around the World “L”


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline

  • “My favorite city in the world is Hong Kong. Sophisticated, chic but still urban, raw and very real. Enjoy the best of occident at one of the main and most friendly gates to Asia. Kwoloon, Hong Kong Island, Lantau… All have its own personality and uniqueness. Spend the day at the fish, birds, flowers market and have a lovely evening at the 120s rooftop bar of the highest hotel of the world. That is Hong Kong.” – Carlos Melia of Carlos Melia Blog



  • “I believe there is something authentic to a place that exposes its pain and beauty. Effortlessly, India has this ability. Against rather grim backdrops, pops of color appear in the form of women’s dress and children’s jewelry. Holi is my favorite time there. Celebration and introspection. Jaipur, India.” – Evita Turquoise Robinson of Nomadness Travel
  • “I don’t have to think when it comes to my favorite city. It is my home, Namma Bengaluru or popularly known as Bangalore the IT city of India. It’s lip smacking food, it’s people, it’s cosmopolitan culture are all dear to me. Apart from being a great and diverse city in itself, it has some fantastic quick getaways, be it the splendid beaches of Goa, the wildlife of the western ghats or the rich temples of South India. It has it all. And the best part about the city is its salubrious weather. You can stay in a T shirt and jean all year long.” – Sankara Subramanian C of Be on the Road


  • “Obviously we’re big fans of the Eternal City! Rome has it all—from some of the world’s most famous historical touristic sites to Italy’s best restaurants. With amazing food, what more do you need?” – Adam of Eating Italy Food Tours



Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

  • “With cool high elevation air, a mixture of international cultures, and a national park teeming with lions just meters from downtown, Nairobi, Kenya, has always been one of my favorite cities in the world. After fighting traffic and wandering through busy markets, there’s nothing more enjoyable than stopping at a roadside shack for some Kenyan roasted goat meat known as nyama choma!” – Mark Wiens of Migrationology



  • “I especially enjoyed my visit to Vientiane, Laos several years ago. It felt different from all other Southeast Asian countries. I went for a run along the river, enjoyed several good meals, and had a good experience meeting local entrepreneurs. It’s on my shortlist of places I hope to return.” – Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity


  • “In terms of living, I know of no better place than Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s a medium-sized city, everything is walkable, it’s super-laid back and safe, the food is incredible, the white sand beaches surreal & there’s no shortage of nearby destinations to explore. It’s also easy to reach with direct flights from dozens of countries straight to the nearby Cancun Airport.” – Earl of Wandering Earl



Himalaya Mountains of Nepal

Himalaya Mountains of Nepal

  • “My favorite city in the world is Pokhara, Nepal. This lovely town on the shores of Phewa Lake offers all the fascination of Nepal without the crazy traffic, noise, and crush of crowds found in the capital city, Kathmandu. Located in the central hills, it never gets too cold or too hot (though it is rainy during the monsoons), and it is the stepping off point for trekking in the Annapurna Himalayas, which loom over the lake and make for picture perfect postcard photos. Prices are cheap, food is good, and the people are warm and welcoming – what more could you ask for!” – Barbara of Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel


  • “My favourite city in the world is Amsterdam. It’s vibrant, cosmopolitan, has a rich and colourful history, world-class museums and stunning architecture – from the historic canal mansions to cutting-edge buildings. There’s always something going on in town, be it operas, performing arts, exhibitions, concerts and lots of parties, so there’s really no excuse to be bored in Amsterdam! I often refer to Amsterdam as being a ‘global village’ as almost 200 different nationalities live in an area that can easily be explored on foot. The best part is: it’s a city I proudly call home!” – Keith of Velvet Escape


  • “In Drammen, nature meets urban culture. With the river and the fjord practically in the city centre – and the forest with miles and miles of hiking and skiing trails just a 15-minute walk away, nature is all around you. Combine that with a fabulous river promenade, a lively market square (the largest in Scandinavia), cool bridges and sound sculptures, a fabulous theatre and indie music scene, and a population comprising 170 nationalities: Drammen has everything one could ever want in a city and I’m happy to call it home.” – Sophie of Sophie’s World



  • “I love Muscat, Oman because of its rich history, its lively souqs, its unspoiled beaches, and its adherence to cultural traditions. It’s not as flashy as Dubai, nor as wealthy as Qatar, but the city is must-see if you want to see the “real” Gulf.” – Raymond of



  • “More a town than a city, El Nido is located in the north of the long island known as Palawan in the Philippines. Few places have captured the ideal of a paradise location better than El Nido. Not too difficult to reach, it still escapes the main backpacker and main tourist circuit. Offering peace and tranquility amongst hundreds of deserted islands off it’s shore, scuba diving in crystal clear waters, snorkeling in lagoons, volcano climbing and an abundance of seafood. Looking for paradise, you’ll find it in El Nido!.” – Dave of The Longest Way Home


  • “In order to appear on my favorites list, a city needs to score high on all of these five areas: Food, Art and Architecture, People, Climate and Affordability  Lisbon in Portugal has everything: friendly but not too pushy people, good wines and lovely seafood, pleasant climate, charming architecture and lots of cultural things to see and fantastic accommodation options for all budgets.” – Anna of Academic Troll


South Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

  • “Seoul is one of my favorite cities because of its abundance of outdoor markets. This is the best city for someone who enjoys wandering from one food stall to the next in search of traditional dishes –  rice cakes, kimchi dumplings, and deep fried pastries known as hotteok. The largest and oldest market of them all is Namdaemun, and it is a place where one could spend hours browsing and eating.” – Audrey of That Backpacker


  • “Madrid is up there as one of my favourite places in the world. I haven’t found anywhere better yet for nightlife (it goes on at all days and hours), food (who doesn’t love Spanish breakfast of tortilla and toast?) and an atmosphere so special that you often wonder what crazy thing will happen to you each day. Easy to get around, cheap to visit (especially from Europe), it’s often overshadowed by its glitzy rival Barcelona but Madrid is so much more full of action it’ll always claim a special place in my heart.” – Will of Dont Fly Go
  • “Barcelona is a city with something to offer everyone. From the stunning architecture of Gaudi to the kilometres long beach, from cheap and tasty tapas to gourmet dining experiences, this is a city that no one will ever find the time to be bored in.” – Laurence of Finding the Universe


Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland in Summer

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland in Summer

  • “It is really hard to pick one city as my favorite, but if I had to go for one choice it would be Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in summer time.  Cool mountain air, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, and never ending fondue pots?  You can’t go wrong with that.  Add in a small Swiss Chalet and sheep running around with bells on their neck, and you may never get me to leave; until winter comes.” – Jeremy of Living the Dream



  • “Taipei is a unique blend of East meets West, promising an exciting adventure for tourists and locals alike. Amongst the night markets, exotic temples, and towering skyscrapers, you’ll find world class museums and restaurants, tea stations, and walking districts that rock with the latest trends and fashions. Taipei’s spacious parks, cycling routes, beautiful hiking trails and easy access to Yangming Mountain’s hot springs offer a range of outdoor recreational activities that everyone can enjoy. In Taipei, it’s easy to uncover mystical legends of the Far East while enjoying all the delights of a modern city.” – Carrie of


Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand

  • “I crave Bangkok because there is an ever present ebb and flow of life – all day and all night long. There is a unique energy and a vibe to this city that comes with its gleaming golden temples, the chaos of the crowds, and its culinary possibilities.” – Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner
  • “One of our favourite cities in the world is Bangkok. It is a city of contrasts. Ancient traditions thrive in the midst of modern skyscrapers and high tech shopping malls. You can take a boat out to remote estuaries to explore the Venice of the East where people still live on bamboo stilts one minute and be downtown watching women dressed in Gucci dining out in world class restaurants the next.” – Dave and Deb of The Planet D


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

  • “Urfa is a city that just amazed me from the start. Known as the birthplace of Abraham, it offers everything for a perfect city break. Exotic, friendly and steeped in history, I dare anyone to visit Urfa and not fall in love with it. Don’t forget to visit the pool of Abraham, the castle and taste some local kebabs. Urfa is a great introduction to travel in the south east of Turkey” – Natalie of Turkish Travel Blog


United Kingdom

  • “I love London for its sheer diversity – it is one of the World’s few truly international cities. It takes in people from all over the world and while they enrich the city, they also become Londoners, taking on its spirit and personality. In 1777, Samuel Johnson said that when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life. It’s just as true today.” – Tom of Eat Rio

United States

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

  • “I love, love, love San Francisco. Whether I’m sipping Californian reds at a new Italian restaurant in the Marina or snapping pictures of sea lions off of a sailboat in the bay, San Francisco is always a place that makes me feel happier, healthier and completely at home.” – Ashley of Ashley Abroad
  • “Our favourite city is San Francisco. We’ve been travelling the world for nearly three years and we haven’t found any other city that’s as vegetarian friendly. Not only is the food fresh and delicious, we also love the multi-cultural vibe, beautiful architecture, diverse neighbourhoods, vibrant art scene and the fact that it’s easy to escape the city and head to the beach, forest or mountains.” – Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage
New York Central Park

New York as seen from the top of the “Roc”

  • “New York City is my favourite city in the world for a number of reasons. Not only is the city rich with American history, it is also packed with the international influences of the migrants who have made it what it is today. New York is tough and resilient, full of the wonderful stories of its residents. The city is different every time I visit, always exciting, always alive.” – Andrea Spirov of Inspiring Travelers
  • “Honolulu Hawaii is a fantastic city to visit due to it’s proximity to beautiful beaches, sexy people, lush green mountains, and fun nightlife. But you can also easily check out smaller local towns nearby for a true Hawaiian experience.” – Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond

Photo credits:  Thailand (photo courtesy of the author and my not be used without permission), ArgentinaBelgium, Brazil (photo courtesy of the author and my not be used without permission), Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Nepal, New ZealandSouth KoreaSwitzerland, Thailand (Reclining Buddha), TurkeySan Francisco, and New York.

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