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Photo of Pão de Açúcar (background) and Cristo Redentor Statue (foreground) in Rio De Janeiro (source: Wikimedia Commons)

While Rio de Janeiro, Brazil seems perfectly set to accommodate the millions of travelers who visit each year, finding a room can sometimes be a challenge, especially during popular events such as Carnaval or New Year’s Eve. Having spent a lot of time in Rio De Janeiro both as a tourist and as a resident, I can tell you that finding furnished housing is even more of a challenge. So, without further ado, here are the best websites for getting a short term furnished apartment in this exciting and vibrant city.

Short Term Apartments Only

TripAdvisor is a conglomerate of several different travel entities providing travel reviews. Their apartment rental section lists hundreds of options for short-term stays, making TripAdvisor a convenient, one-stop website for details on each apartment. There are also user reviews that list the best and worst of each choice. If there is a downside to this website, it might be the sheer volume of options, which will take some time to sort through. However, the website does list all options in order from best to worst to save the reader some time.

Airbnb is a San Francisco-based website specializing in matching property owners with vacation renters. With more than half a million listings in 33,000 different areas, Airbnb provides a wealth of choices to its users. By simply inputting the relevant dates of travel, the website provides a range of choices. One downside of the format is the inability to simply browse the listings without specifying an exact date.

Wimdu operates out of Germany and provides Internet-based advertisements for short-term use of rooms and apartments. With no less than 39 different platforms in as many languages, Wimdu is an excellent resource for global accommodation listings. The company lists more than a quarter of a million properties in over 100 countries for a truly comprehensive offering. The website format is also engaging, with bright colors, large pictures, maps and helpfully-listed pricing. There’s even a toll-free number provided if users prefer to speak directly with a representative. It’s difficult to find a downside to this user-friendly website format, although it does lack a comprehensive user-review system.

Vrbo is owned by parent company HomeAway that is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It lists more than two thousand options for Rio de Janeiro accommodation in a colorful, intuitive website format. While the site offers comprehensive information on lodging, pricing and terms of rental, its user review system can be confusing. is a Dutch-run company that provides detailed information on vacation listings. Together with Priceline, its parent company, can offer its customers comprehensive travel-related services, making it both convenient and user-friendly. Its format is simple to navigate and has extensive information on each rental property. However, the website lists less than 600 properties for rent in the Rio de Janeiro area, significantly less than other comparable websites.

Statue de Cristo as Seen from the Beach

Another view of the Statue de Cristo in Rio De Janeiro

Mix of Short Term and Long Term Apartments

Alugue Temporada is a Portuguese-language website listing both vacation rentals and long-term accommodation options. The website is attractive and provides an excellent interactive map of Rio’s districts; the only real downside to this site is for non-speakers of Portuguese, who can find the same services from websites based in their own language.

ZAP Imóveis is a website in Portuguese providing detailed accommodation information. The downsides of the site are few; its language choice might be a barrier to non-speakers of Portuguese, and its user format is slightly dated compared to some other websites.

Craigslist is a ubiquitous website that helpfully lists the full range of accommodation options in Rio. The real downside of its format mainly has to do with aesthetics; there are relatively few pictures and potential renters must rely on information within the listing, which can sometimes be scanty compared to more polished websites. It’s also difficult to locate user reviews of the properties in question, although Craigslist does provide forums in which users can post questions. If user reviews are an important factor, potential renters may be better served by visiting an accommodation website that provides such information.

Trovit is based in Brazil and houses a database of Rio accommodation. One downside is that the website does allow unsolicited popups of its listings, which may be considered helpful by some or merely annoying by others. Its format could also be considered slightly dated and less easy to navigate when compared to similar accommodation listing websites.

There you have it, the best websites to find short term furnished and serviced apartments in Rio De Janeiro. Also check out my posts on the best online dating sites in Brazil.

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