How to Get a Social Insurance Number in Canada

Beautiful Photo from Canada

Beautiful Photo from Canada

Whether you are a new arrival to Canada, a permanent resident, or a citizen, it is necessary for you to get a Social Insurance Number, otherwise known as a SIN number. A SIN is REQUIRED in order to gain employment, or access government benefits or services in Canada. Applying is not difficult if you prepare in advance and follow the steps in detail.

If you were born in Canada and are a citizen, you must provide an Official Certificate of Birth, issued by the Department of Vital Statistics in the province where you were born. If you are applying for your newborn child, you may do so through the Newborn Registration Service and obtain both the SIN and Certificate of Birth. Parents and/or legal guardians may also apply for older children, and children 12 and over may apply for their own SIN.

If you are inside of Canada, you may go to the local Service Canada Point of Service and apply in person, which is recommended. If for any reason you cannot visit a Service Canada Point of Service and cannot use the assistance of another person to submit an application on your behalf, you may be eligible to apply by mail. You must call them to determine if you are eligible to apply by mail.

If you are eligible to apply by mail, you can submit an application with original proof-of-identity document(s). Do not use photocopies as they will be rejected. All documents will be returned to you via mail.

To apply for a SIN as a non-Canadian citizen, first you will need to gather the required documents. If you are a permanent resident, you must provide your Permanent Resident Card which was issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada if your application was processed in Canada. You must also provide Confirmation of Permanent Residence with the visa counterfoil attached to your foreign passport or travel document.

If you are a temporary resident, you need to provide a primary document such as a Work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada, or Study permit issued by CIC, along with a document from the learning institution or campus employer where authorization to study/work was obtained. The start and end dates must be indicated and must coincide with study permit dates. If the name on your official primary document is different than the name you are currently using, you must provide an official supporting document that verifies your identity in Canada.

When your SIN Application is approved, you should receive your card via mail within 20 business days from the date that the application was received in the office. Replacement cards are generally charged a small re-issue fee, but all other applications are free of charge.

Your SIN is issued only to you, and cannot be used legally by another person. You are responsible for protecting your SIN number, and are encouraged to only give it out when you can verify that the person/agency is legitimate and will not misuse this information. It is further recommended that you store it in a safe place.

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